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BS Content Studio - Menu

BS Content Studio - Menu
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Over the BS Content Studio Menu you have access to several functions.

BS Content Studio Menu

With the File menu you can open, save and export your scene. You can also create new scenes.

At the bottom of the File menu the recent file list is located. With the recent file list you can quik open your 5 last edited scenes.

File Menu

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With the Edit menu you can undo and redo actions. Also you can modify shape properties, deselect all and edit the preferences of BS Content Studio.

Edit Menu

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With the View menu you can show and hide windows. Also can reset the windows layout to their default positions.

View Menu

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With the Create menu you can add nodes to your scene. Nodes can be meshes, lights, cameras, groups, user interface elements, scripts and many more objects.

Create Menu

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With the Optimize menu you can optimize your scene and objects.

Optimize Menu

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With the Help menu you can show the help, you can license BS Content Studio and check for updates.

Help Menu

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