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BSContact Stereo - VR - Release Notes


  • 9.000 -- 30.10.2017
    • VR via Oculus Rift
    • VR Support Nodes
      • VrSystem - generic events and options for a head tracked VR device
      • VrController - Events generated by tracked VR hand controllers
      • OculusTouch - Events generated by the Oculus Touch controller that are not covered by VrController
      • OculusRemote- Events generated by the Oculus Remote
      • XBoxController - Events generated by the Oculus XBox controller
    • Built-in navigation via Oculus Touch and Remote. VR Applications can override this.
    • Built-in VR menu. VR Applications can replace it.
    • VR Media Nodes
    • Mouse cursor in stereo modes
      • In stereo modes the mouse cursor is rendered by BS Contact Stereo as part of the 3D scene and thus displays well in these modes. It also has a reasonable 3D depth because of this.
    • Scripting extensions
      • Browser.setOption("","true") enable/disable VR mode
      • Browser.setOption("vr.gazeinput.enabled","true") enable/disable gaze input, select TouchSensor by looking
      • Browser.setOption("vr.headlight.useDirectionalLight,"true") PointLight used by default in VR mode
      • Browser.setOption("cursor,"native") use Windows native cursor
      • Browser.setOption("cursor,"3d")use 3D cursor
      • JSON parsing -Browser.parseJSONFromString(jsonString)

        exposedField SFString jsonString "{ \"test\" : null , \"test2\" : [ 1000, 2000] , \"test3\" : { \"property\" : \"value33\" } }"
        url "javascript:
        function initialize()
        var r= Browser.parseJSONFromString(jsonString);
        var test2 = r.test2;

 simple test, see console
      • SFData field type for storing JSON objects
    • COM Interface - Nodes are supporting Node2 interface for functions getBBox setTransform
    • COM Interface - saveWorld2can write EXTERNPROTO scenes of a scene i.e. using :
      ret = ContactOCX.saveWorld2(filename, NULL, _T("writeExternProtoScenes=true,writeProtos=true,staticExport=false"));
      some more export options available
    • MovieTexture imagestream: protocol - supports HTTP motion jpeg - x-mixed-replace video(IP-Cams etc) .e.g
      url "imagestream:"
    • CompositeTexture3D allows saving of created textures:

      CompositeTexture3D {
      parameter [
      "format=RGBA" "depth=D24X8"
      "save=c:/tmp_jpg/" ## save to directory

      DirextX9:png dds and jpg supported if string occurs in save
      OpenGL: only jpg supported
    • Text node - vertical alignment fixed, may need to check existing content.
    • Texture nodes - parameter ["sRGB"] specifies that image data is in sRGB gammut space (DX9 only)
    • New stereo rendering modes - Dimenco 9 View, Tiled 3*3 for multiview stereo. In stereo modes the windows cursor is emulated in 3D.
      We have good results using Bandicam to record multiview rendering.
    • Browser.setOption functions for NVidia Stereo API:
      stereo:NVStereo BOOL stereo activate/deactivate
      stereo:NVSeparation separations as factor 0..1
      stereo:NVConvergence convergence distance m

      getOption: additionally above values +
      stereo:NVStereoSupported BOO - NVAPI driver found and stereo handle created

    • .BSURL Shortcut file, like a Windows .LNK file, provides a link to an remote VRML/X3D url. The server side http mimetype should be configured to application/x-bsurl
      Example of a .bsurl file

    • .BSURL Shortcut file, like a Windows .LNK file, provide a link to an remote VRML/X3D url. The server side mimetype should be configured to application/x-bsurl
      Example of a .bsurl file


      If clicking on a HTTP bsurl link, Webbrowsers like Chrome and Firefox are downloading the file, on click the file will be opened with BSContact.exe.
      The object/embed tag lauching the BSContactVRML Active X Control - x86 Version is still supported in Internet Explorer 11, in other browsers plugins are disabled for security reasons.
      Additional options for viewing VR media:
      A Dome image:


For older release notes please see Developer Information

On request builds are available with special features:

  • MQTT - Mosquito publish/subscribe IOT protocol
  • Kinect 2 Sensor nodes for RGB Depth images
  • Basler camera interface