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Background Tutorial

Background Tutorial
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This Tutorial shows you how to design your background.

At the beginning the background color is dark gray.

Standard Background

For Changing the background color left click on the colorpanel at Sky Color.

Set Background Color

Changed Background Color

There are 2 options to add a new color:
1. Right click on an empty space on the gradient bar and click Add color
2. Drag the first color arrow down

1. Option

2. Option

Gradient Background

Change the gradient by draging the color arrows up and down.

Add Color

To remove colors right click on existing color arrows and choose Remove color.

Remove Color

Gradient Adjustment
Goto contents

The Ground Color can be generated by adding two colors.

Generate Ground Color

By draging the lowest color you can define where your Ground Color starts.

Adjust Ground Color

Adding textures to the Sky box provides a more professional opportunity to define your background. To achive this result click on "Add Texture" above the Sky Color and Ground Color

Add texture to background

You can choose between 2D and 3D background by checking is 2D.

2D/3D Background

If you use the sky box (3D background) you have to add six textures to create an entire surrounding sky box.

Skybox Definition