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VR/360° Content Support

To open a VR or 360° Movie:

  1. use the menu "File → Open Stereo / VR Media"
  2. select an image or video file
  3. select the mode media in the file type drop down (near the "Open" button)
    usefull entries are:
    • 360° for a 360° spherical format
    • 360° SBS for a 360° stereo side by side format
    • 360° AB for a 360° stereo above below format
    • 180° SBS for a 180° stereo side by side format

If the mode is set to "AUTO" the actual mode is derived from the file name. If the string "SBS" is included, this means side by side, left view on the left half of the image/video, right side in the right half. "AB" means above/below, the left view is on the top, the right view is at the bottom. "HALF" stands for half resolution in one direction, the image is being stretched.

Examples of strings recogninzed are:

  • 360°
  • 360°_SBS
  • 360°_AB
  • 180°_SBS
  • 180°
  • 120°_SBS
  • 120°
  • CYLINDRICAL - cylindrical projection
  • DOME - dome projection (half sphere)
  • SBS_HALF - side by side, but image size is half size
  • _3x3 - 3 x 3 multiview tiles in one image, usefull for mulitview autosteroscopic displays (see Stereo support)
  • _9

By default a wrl file MovieInterface.wrl is loaded from the BSContact Installation folder to allow some sort of video control.

For mp2 mp4 h264 mts mkv video format we recommend to install 3rd party DirectShow filters.
We have good results using LAV-Filters

Youtube VR Videos can be downloaded using some 3rd party Video Download helpers.

Internally a scene is constructed using StereoMovieTexture and Panorama node. For images ImageTextureLOD is used and EXIF Metadata is made available via X3D Metadata nodes.

Once a file has been opened the keys ALT-PageDown and ALT-PageUp allow to browse through media files in the same folder.